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Here are some great art images of Obama. See my previous post ‘why not just a photo‘. What do you think? Yes Im sure these are computer graphic work and not real art (like the hand-painted stuff I prefer to promote) but they still are quite powerful images.

see here for how to convert a photo to a painting.


okay, a couple of paintings today about crashes…. seeing as global stock crashes are ravaging the world this week.

This is painted (this week!) by

Moise Levi Financial & Trading Coach
Brussels, Belgium

its going down down down

its going down down down

This one isn’t really about the stock market (let me know if you know of any good stock market related art!!!) but it is about a CRASH and it does involve A LOT OF MONEY!!!

Green Car Crash

Green Car Crash

This one is by Warhol.

Warhol said “Art is what you can get away with,” and the late, great artist’s paintings are still getting away with a fortune. Sold last year by Christie’s, his painting Green Car Crash (Green Burning Car I), from the  Death and Disaster series, this went for $71.7 million dollars. The painting is based on a photograph that appeared in Newsweek magazine from June 3rd, 1963. The photograph depicted the end of a car chase, when a 24-year-old commercial fisherman in Seattle flipped his car, hit a telephone pole, and was ejected from the car forcefully enough to be impaled on, but not immediately killed by, a climbing spike. The mangled car burns in an otherwise mundane residential setting — there’s even a guy crossing the street like it’s nothing special. Seventy-one million for a green-tinted painting of a random photograph, however… that doesn’t happen every day.

For another idea, a PORTRAIT painting of Bernanke might be pretty cool, Portrait Xpress artists can copy any image/PHOTO you send them by hand into a painting- and can do it in any style, eg change below into pop art, put him in a field with US dollars falling from the sky all around him, whatever you like. So you can have cool original art for your flat SO SO easily!!



Have a good weekend!!


Thats how you say it.. How do you define it?

1. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
2. the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
3. a state ruled by a tyrant or absolute ruler.
4. oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.
5. undue severity or harshness.
6. a tyrannical act or proceeding.

However, when sculptor Damian Fennell creates the below work of art about it, we believe he means Tyranny as a mental state…  where one’s body and one’s mind is behaving under the fear of a tryant. Up to you to interpret who or what the tryrant is!?….

Tyranny     made in 1999
direct plaster
h50 x w45 x d45 cm



Okay, here is a fun video of a labrador puppy being painted (from a photo) by one of the artists at portrait xpress. Enjoy.

notice I didn’t say exhibitions. Exhibitions  here are often dull as dishwarter in my opinion….. due to the fact most people in Hong Kong care little about culture, and the government caring even less….

However, do keep an eye out, for shows and events here, as they do occasionally have some good stuff there! A case in point are the 2 events below (actually see here they do have more talks, if you can speak cantonese or mandarin chinese). These are both saturday afternoon talks in English there. I hope you can make it-  enjoy!!

1st- “Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue – Looking for Antonio Mak” Open Forum (English)

Antonio Mak being a famous HK artist…

Moderator: Mr Tam Wai Ping (Director, ARTMAP)
Speakers: Mr Tang Hoi Chiu (Chief Curator, Hong Kong Museum of Art),
Ms Valerie C. Doran (Guest Curator)
2008.11.22 (Sat)
2:30 – 4:30 pm

2nd-  Meeting the Challenges of Visual Culture to Art Education (English)
Prof. Paul Duncum (Advisory Professor, Visual Arts Division of the Department of Creative Arts and Physical Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education)
2008.12.06 (Sat)
2:30 – 5:30 pm

okay… Im hooked on the pug theme, here is some more!! Not ‘proper art’ but lets not be so stuffy eh!

Now don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy the soundtrack to the video, 90’s Euro-Pop is great!

See the  first post I wrote about pugs for more sensible  pug news and pug artwork!

Oh, and is it pugnatious or pugnacious, or are both ok? please comment!

On November 30th, the 1993 painting of  Mao Zedong by China’s most-expensive contemporary artist Zeng Fanzhi is coming up for sale.

This is the one to watch- it’s tipped to fetch about HK$30 million ($3.9 million) . Its for sale at Christie’s Hong Kong art sale next month.

The painting is  70 3/4 inch x 79 inch oil painting, titled  “Mao I: From the Masses, to the Masses”.

is the star lot of Christie’s  sale on Nov. 30, and note that these sales typically serve as industry


Scientists at Imperial College, London, recently found that pugs in the UK are so inbred that although there are 10,000 of them, it is the equivalent of just 50 distinct individuals. Now I had to laugh when I heard this story, although sadly its actually very bad for the dogs.

Steve Jones, professor of genetics at University College London, said: “People are carrying out breeding which would be first of all entirely illegal in humans and secondly is absolutely insane from the point of view of the health of the animals.

“In some breeds they are paying a terrible price in genetic disease.”

To be honest, pugs are quite cute, as you can see from the photos below.

look into my eyes and tell me you love me!

look into my eyes and tell me you love me!

UK RSPCA chief vet Mark Evans was interviewed recently and he said-

He said: “The welfare and quality of life of many pedigree dogs is seriously compromised by established breeding practices for appearance, driven primarily by the rules and requirements of competitive dog showing and pedigree dog registration.”

As a trained veterinarian, yes I have to agree with him- overbreeding of pedigree dogs has serious health risks and so I prefer a mongrel any day, much healthier…….. but hey its up to you.

There should be more regulation of the pet trade however, I think this is becoming obvious worldwide.

Ok- for the fun side, here are some PUG GIFTS!!!!! for all the pug lovers out there.

First we have PUG mouse pads! click here to view

Then we have pug paintings from photos, go here to see a site which does pet pop art and other pet portrait paintings.

Ok, you can buy pug umbrellas, see here

My favourite has to be what we do below, PUG POP ART– this is 100% hand painted from a photo of your pug.

pug pop art

pug pop art

News- The finalists of the 2008 Sovereign Asian Art Prize will be auctioned at a charity dinner on Wednesday the 29th October at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hong Kong.

!!newly updated!! Click here to see my other posts on some of the 2008 entrants, artist Suroso IsorTerra Bajraghosa, Robert Langenegger.

Now, Here are some works by previous winner, UTTAPORN NIMMALAIKAEW.

Its not cheap at HK$25,000 for a table of ten or HK$2,500 for single tickets, but will be an incredible evening for those who can go!

If you are cant’t afford this, or don’t have the time to attend the 29th October but still wish to place a bid on one of the 30 artworks, its still possible to place a bid on the 30 artworks.

You are able to view all the 30 artworks who are finalists for the Sovereign Asian Art prize, here.

To see the exhibition in person, you can preview them at the Landmark on 21st- 26th October, but you can only see them if you could be interested in placing a bid! For a personal preview of the paintings please contact the organisers on +852 2542 1177.

Okay, so I cant afford to buy anything! But I still enjoyed looking at the upcoming art!!

Regarding the previous winner- Nimmalaikaew’s works start from a canvas backdrop that is set inside a deep casement, and that is then lightly veiled by multiple layers of thread and netting. The artist paints (as well as prints with an Ink Jet) not only on the canvas but also on the thread and netting in order to create shimmering portraits and figurative scenes. He actually creates a depth of field that goes beyond three-dimensional space.  At a thematic level, his present work expresses a deep reverence and love for family.

Nimmalaikaew spoke of his work in an interview with Jonathan Thomson of Asian Art News shortly after being presented with the Sovereign Asia Art Prize at a Hong Kong ceremony:

It took me quite a long time to develop my concept. The layers help represent the complexity of life and relationships and all of the stages of life. The actual technique started with a mosquito net and things seen through the netting. I intentionally draw the threads through the netting and leave them drooping to suggest a life flowing, of aging, and physical degeneration. It is part of my concept that people have to look through my work, not just at it. People have to see my work and experience it…. It is impossible to replicate my work in a photograph.from “Inevitable Cycles,” (July/Aug 2006) 16 Asian Art News [Interview of Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew by Jonathan Thomson]

Chinese Contemporary art. Very topical in the art scene in recent years. A field in which China is exporting something new and original, not poisoned pet foods or scandelous Milk issues.

But don’t listen to me, instead hear an audio file  “The China Experience” at the bottom of this linked page by the Frieze Art Fair, where Carol Yinghua Lu (Writer, Curator and Contributing Editor, frieze magazine  brought together three key players in Chinese contemporary art to discuss the impact of the country′s political, financial and creative conditions on its artists, critics, curators and gallerists.

Be warned its over an hour long though, so sit back and enjoy!!

I like some contemporary Chinese artists. These small inserts below are by Feng Dakang, and are part of a series called The Homeland. So it shows that Chinese artists can be very original….

The “Homeland” series of paintings by Feng Dakang are melancholic and thematically poetic. As the artist is obsessed with architecture, decay and destruction, he paints buildings in a state of ruin or demolition. Yet, these twisted and damaged structures are wonderfully delicate.

feng dakang

feng dakang