art is dead?

If you are feeling all melancholic in the cold weather and the run up to christmas, here is a great series of melancholic photo’s entitled ‘art is dead”. Actually the photographer is exhibiting some of his works in New Mexico , USA, till mid-january 2009.


Art is dead?

This is a question that many people ask. Some artists even use it as a title, as we saw above.

Here is a painting in mixed media by an artist, with that very title…

you can buy art by this artist at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester, Uk.

ART IS DEAD - by Federico Gonzales

ART IS DEAD - by Federico Gonzales

So, what do people think? or course art is not dead, its just that art/creativity has changed, its become commercial, people of an artistic bent are no longer necessarily pure artists, they perhaps have decided to get a mortgage and so do web design or clothes design or music videos and what is left for pure artists has often needed to become very different and provocative (eg sharks in a tank by damian hirst) to get people’s attention.

See here a post by David Mellender in the Art’s Journal, about ‘is art dead’ where he argues that it is.

Actually, part of me thinks that art may be dead, as art critics wrap it up in such funny language that makes it unaccessible to the general public..