Hi, here is what the RSPCA sent me today and I think you will all enjoy it

“Hi Matt,

I have just been on your blog and I thought you may be interested in RSPCA’s ‘Give Animals a Voice’ campaign that I am currently involved in.

RPSCA have teamed up with the maker of ‘Simon’s Cat’ and created a video called ‘Fed up’. This video illustrates food-begging behaviour that is typical to dogs and the issue of pet obesity. The video, which launched yesterday, has already been viewed over 47,000 times!

Though it is not art… (that you have covered in your blog), I thought you may be interested seeing this approach to raising pet obesity awareness.

Though this animation has a light side to it, it still carries a very serious message, and we are really keen for this to be highlighted.

Pet obesity is a growing concern, and RSPCA want to raise awareness and get people to start thinking and talking about this issue. Especially during Christmas, is giving your pets treats under the dining table a nice or cruel thing to do? Do we actually know when our pets are overweight? And what do we do to combat this problem?

I hope this is of interest to you”

Also have a look at this link from the RSPCA re weight less help for your pet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.