Happy new year.

Well, just to show people what art we can do at portrait xpress, here are the steps involved in a painting we did recently.

First we were contacted by a customer, who’s boyfriend loves James Dean. They wanted us to paint (by hand, no printing) a James Dean style poster, like that below- but instead of using James Dean’s face, they wanted the boyfriend’s face!!



Of course we love James Dean and were very enthusiastic about this fun project!

We can’t show you the client’s photo, but here is the final painting below by one of our great artsist!!!! Amazing eh. What a great gift!

final painting (cropped)

final painting (cropped)

We have cropped the picture, so you don’t see the person’s name as thats private…. so actually the painting was the same shape as the original poster. The subject wasn’t posing with this picture in mind, otherwise the result could have been even better- if they had tried to do a similar pose as James Dean!!

Hope this stimulates people’s imagination!

and here a a few James Dean photos for you out there…..

What? you don’t know who he was? actor, photographer, race driver, artist, ultimate rebel and one of the greatest Legends of the 20th Century.

Check    http://www.jamesdean.com/