The Portrait Xpress team ( behind the Pets and Art blog),  is comprised of high-quality, experienced oil painting artists who have been painting for a number of years, and who can create amazing, unique paintings based on your photographs.
The portrait tradition has not been lost, simply the cost to paint a unique portrait painting has been drastically cut now that our artists can paint high quality oil paintings based on photographs rather than through the conventional multiple sittings. The age of the internet also means that you can quickly be sent a copy of the partially or fully completed painting, to assess, and approve, or request changes!

Each of our paintings is 100% handmade using the best quality paints and the highest quality canvas available. We don’t use computers in this process and we don’t print anything. All of our paintings simply rely on the artist’s skill.
We work only with artists who specialize in creating portraits.
Of course, we offer a money back guarantee.