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Its becoming clear to me that as well as veterinary surgery being an art, in fact there are many artists in veterinary medicine.

Some say that the skill needed for surgery is similar to the skill needed to paint. Or perhaps some vets love of animals and nature then allows him or her  to connect well with things, to do paintings and artwork-

who knows.

Here is a great link to an art show which was promoting an animal disease- and where all the art was done by vets. Please check it out!

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check out this great link to some cat photos in the telegraph newspaper.


These lovely photos of cats and kittens are some of the final works by renowned artist and wildlife photographer Jane Burton who died in 2007, aged 74.

If you look at the link, there is a whole series of great pics!! enjoy!

Betteles in art?

Ive recently been finding out about an interesting Americal artist who uses them to help him paint on the canvas. And yes, they are … ALIVE!!!!

Kutcher controls the direction and movement of his arthropods — such as hissing cockroaches  darkling beetles and grasshoppers — by their response to external lighting. The result is controlled and random movements, created in a co-authorship between the artist — with predetermined ideas about colour, form, shape and creative flexibility — and his living brushes!?!

see here for some more details!

my attention was drawn today to buntings, see here for what they are, on wiki.

Basically, a “bunting” is a term for any festive decorations made of fabric, they can often be used for wedding decorations, check out this interesting site.

So, these can be a form of art.

Here is a blog about textile’s, while includes a refernce to them. In fact, there are good few blogs out there about textile art, here are a few of them

I guess what Im trying to say, is that textiles are a fantastic source of art ispiration, and an amazing art medium also.


The above tibetan imagery is always inspiring… but the ones below are perhaps more familiar images!!



These minor works of art, alone, can seem plain, but when hanging in the wing and blowing, are inspiring- and they are a real part of traditional culture!!

They are always used at weddings. See here for some other wedding art ideas- oil portraits from wedding photo’s


Happy Chinese New year to everyone!!!

So, today’s post is about OXEN and art. Cattle/oxen are well regarded in many cultures- even godlike in the Hindu culture.

This year is the Chinese Calender year of the ox. Whether you think about the wild west, herding cattle, to cattle in any anchient or modern culture, they have a close association with man.


Here is a cave painting of some oxen. Thats got to be old.

So you can see they have a long history of being associated with art!


this is the kind of painting you are likely to see in a gallery.

by Norma Wilson

by Norma Wilson

Above is more of a contemporary painting. Of a swiss cow.

by-tony-jones1Here are a couple I like


you seen any cow art recently?

if so, let me know.

Kung Hei Fat Choi-

peace and prosperity to you all at Chinese New Year!


Surf art…

This above work is by David Lloyd.. Lloyd’s work tries to evoke the memories that all surfers have stored up inside.  “Deep in your head there is this place, and it’s not Huntington Pier,”   It’s more like a collective surfing unconscious.  Surfers live in longing for that moment, they relish the anticipation.  But arriving there is never as good as you picture it.  Eventually, your memory mixes up all these snapshots of the best days and they all become part of this inner place.” 
Okay Im off to Bali next month, so thats what may have inspired this.

Here is some art by Glenn Francis…

'pacific reef'

Originally from Corpus Cristi, Texas, Glenn now resides in Encinitas CA., and Costa Rica.  His dramatic paintings capture that special moment in surfing on a perfect day, or as they say in Costa Rica, “pura vida”, which translates to a pure moment in life. Through the years Glenn has worked in Galleries, shaped surfboards, and chased the perfect wave, while evolving into one of the most renowned and dynamic surf artists in the world.

Another surf artist is Peter Edington, a wonderul visionary artist who lives on the Golden Coast of Australia, and whose art is an inspiration.
Peter was one fo those lucky few who was part of the psychedelic surfer culture of Australia during the 1970’s. Hrt is beautiful, warm and uplifting. Here is an example…



and here are just some suf photos…

surf is amazing!!!




Hey… if im going too ‘off-topic’ let me know… its not really pets here, but I hope you like the art!!

SO, IS this really art? well, i say it is. And of course, who determines art is not someone else, but is up to you!

No, this is a ‘series of images’ and it combines a ‘human design element’ ie the artwork of the boards, with a ‘random act of nature’ ie the shark bite….. so while you might not like it, I can still look at this series as a set of  creative images inspired/enhanced by nature!

okay, perhaps im crazy……… let me know your thoughts!!! =




a good idea would be to use these photos to then create a painting………. eg do it yourself, or get artists do do it for you, eg those at portraitxpress!

Here are some more paintings that we did recently. See and go to the gallery dection, to see further examples.

We hope to keep regularly putting up examples of our Portrait Artist’s work, so you can get an idea about the quality and good standard of the work, and transpanency of the business. Here is the painting, on Canvas. As we use the word Xpress- yes, this means we are VERY fast! But also the quality is top notch. The subject/ client can review the painting and request any changes they want to it also, and choose the size, style, make alterations, etc.


original photo artist used to paint the painting from

original photo artist used to paint the painting from

Happy new year.

Well, just to show people what art we can do at portrait xpress, here are the steps involved in a painting we did recently.

First we were contacted by a customer, who’s boyfriend loves James Dean. They wanted us to paint (by hand, no printing) a James Dean style poster, like that below- but instead of using James Dean’s face, they wanted the boyfriend’s face!!



Of course we love James Dean and were very enthusiastic about this fun project!

We can’t show you the client’s photo, but here is the final painting below by one of our great artsist!!!! Amazing eh. What a great gift!

final painting (cropped)

final painting (cropped)

We have cropped the picture, so you don’t see the person’s name as thats private…. so actually the painting was the same shape as the original poster. The subject wasn’t posing with this picture in mind, otherwise the result could have been even better- if they had tried to do a similar pose as James Dean!!

Hope this stimulates people’s imagination!

and here a a few James Dean photos for you out there…..

What? you don’t know who he was? actor, photographer, race driver, artist, ultimate rebel and one of the greatest Legends of the 20th Century.