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please help  test drive this new forum

This is a new forum, targeted mainly at the UK, but also at all English speaking countries.

The aim of the forum is to foster better communication between pets and their vets… so basically its an open forum, for pet owners to post things about their pets (especially but not exclusively about any medical worries with their pets) and also for vets to talk about anything they want to talk about (there is a private area that they can learn how to improve their skills in by talking to other doctors, but also the shared public area where they can get involved in the conversations.

The hope is that this site will free up dialogue between vets and the pet community, enabling

  • better veterinary understanding of pet owners worries
  • better pet owners understanding of pet health issues
  • better client vet communication
  • education for all
  • news and entertainment for all this community
  • pets to get a Voice!
  • animal lovers to be united together

please check out the site, sign up there, and post some comments!


The Royal Watercolur Society is the oldest watercolour society in the world, established in 1804, and is second only to the Royal Academy of Art in importance as an art society.

It exhibits twice a year at the Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH.

A great new exhibition is coming up- check this out!!:

The Poet and the Painter

13th November – 30th November 2008

“JMW Turner believed that poetry and painting flowed from the same font, and twenty Members of the Royal Watercolour Society, in collaboration with the Poetry Society, explore this common bond. Celebrated poets, including Roger McGough, Polly Clarke, Kathleen Jamies and James Kirkup are working directly with artists to create new and exciting work.”

The exhibition is being curated by David Brayne RWS.
Click here to see a link to some of their upcoming events!

Here is a painting by one of their artists, Francis Bowyer.


I love watercolour, check this old one out………..


okay, click here to go and vote on your favourite artist!! At the Sovereign Asia Art Prize official home page.

They include finalists from…Australia: Bundit Puangthong, Chris Wake, China: Collette Fu, Hou Yan Yan Hong Kong: Caroline Chiu, Chow Chun Fai, Man Fung-Yi, Gretchen So, Peter Steinhauer, Angela Su, Anothermountainman India:Seema Kohli, Indonesia:Terra Bajraghosa, Suroso Isur, Saputro Uji Handoko Eko, Japan: Yu Hara, Maiko Sugano, Noriko Yamaguchi Korea: Dongi Lee, Lim Taek Malaysia: Chan Kok Hooi, Hoo Kiew Hang, Myanmar: Mor Mor Philippines: Robert Langenegger Singapore: Mee Ai Om Taiwan: Chiu Chien-Jen Thailand: Jaratsri Prasongdee, Laura Spector, Sirat Ubolyeam Vietnam: Le Thiet Cuong

I will continue my reviews of the artists and some of their previous works…you can also see work from the last years winner, and some of the other finalists, at my earlier post.

Here is the artwork from one of the finalist Robert Langenegger of the Phillipines

competition entry piece

competition entry piece above





If you want to read an interview with this artist, see here.

Below (the smaller image)  is the image that Suroso Isor has entered for the Asia part of the Sovereign Art prize. Click here to see my previous post on this prize.

He was Born in Pemalang, January 1, 1983 and has studied art in the Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta. He has received several awards such as Gold Medal from Museum Sejarah Jakarta-2003, Gold Medal National Healthy Cartoon – 2003, Gold Medal Poster Kependudukan Nasional-2003, Gold Medal Poster Kependudukan Internasional, New York, USA- 2004, and many others. He has also participated in many group exhibitions since 2005 in Indonesia.


This one above is a watercolour, as is this one. Actually- watercolour is my FAVOURITE MEDIA I hope to show lots more watercolour artists in the future!

Here are some great works of art by Terra Bajraghosa, an indonesian artist, and one of the finalists in the Soverign Art Foundation Asia art prize. The artwork entered is down the bottom. Terra exhibits in the Cemeti art house in Indonesia, see the link below for other exhibitions there.

Cemeti Art House
Jl.D.I. Panjaitan No.41
Yogyakarta 55143 Indonesia

title- god is a dj

title- god is a dj

  	   	Mengharap hujan

Mengharap hujan

Artist Terra Bajraghosa
Title Mengharap hujan
Medium acrylics on canvas
Size 29.5 x 39.4 in. / 75 x 100 cm.

Here is a painting by Terra Bajraghosa- one of the finalists for the Soverign Art Foundation Asia prize. The prize entry is below, one of the other works is above.  See my earlier post on this prize here.

the asia entry

the asia entry

Year 2006 –

The Royal Academy of Arts (one of my favourite Galleries, in London) was founded by George III in 1768. Governed by artists to ‘promote the arts of design’ the Royal Academy was the first institution in Great Britain devoted solely to the promotion of the visual arts and to raising the standing of art, artists and architecture.

Yes, its actually goverened BY ARTISTS! The eighty governing artists – Royal Acadamicians– are all practising painters, sculptors, engravers, printmakers, draughtsmen and architects. On reaching the age of 75 they become Senior Academicians and so form vacancies for Membership. Elections are held annually and new Members are nominated and voted in by existing RAs. All Members are required to bestow an example of work to the Royal Academy before receiving their Diploma signed by the Sovereign, and these works form part of the RA’s Permanent Collection. Interesting huh!

For example, David Hockney (the artist who painted below) is one of these people.

David Hockney RA, Wheat Field near Fridaythorpe, August 2005

David Hockney RA, Wheat Field near Fridaythorpe, August 2005

Anyway, some great stuff on there currently- including a contemporary art exhibition.  Its called

GSK Contemporary and its on 31 Oct 2008 — 19 Jan 2009

In 6 Burlington Gardens, but also run by the RA. Many new artists there, one cool artist exhibiting is

Antony Micallef and here is one of his pieces below…. enjoy!

by........Antony Micallef

by........Antony Micallef

A must see- Yoshitaka Amano’s art is exhibiting in the Art Statement’s Gallery in HK for a few more weeks. Click here to read a little about the man. I include an interview from him below..

Really the guy is incredible, he has done artwork over such a wide range of medium’s. You may know him best from the illustrations of the characters in the “Final Fantasy” computer games. Here are some of his illustrations.

Here is a great link to an interview with him about “a day in the life of Yoshitaka Amano” . I have summarised a couple of the more interesting questions, below…

When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist, not in the sense of it as a hobby, but more as a profession and a way to make a living? YA: When I was fourteen, I went to see my best friend, who had moved to Tokyo — I was still living in Shizuoka — so I went to see him. And I knew about Tatsunoko and I felt like I wanted to join Tatsunoko, so I brought a piece of my art, and I went to see their office and left the piece behind. After I came back to Shizuoka, Tatsunoko had sent a note saying they wanted to hire me, and that’s when I joined Tatsunoko and that’s when I realized that I wanted to draw and paint as my career.

How hard has it been to be accepted by the fine art community? It’s a pretty snobbish community, especially towards those who’ve worked distinctly commercial medium, like comic books, animation, video games and many of the genres you’ve explored in your career. YA: I always like something new. Like, animation back then was new too, so games, etc., these are different places where my art is released, but I myself don’t change. So my core doesn’t change, and as an artist, I’m completely responsible for my art. So sometimes my art comes out in a game, but the game doesn’t sell, so my art isn’t reflected in a good way, and that’s a sad thing. But what I think is that I am solely responsible for my art, so I’m not concerned which path I channel it through. If it’s something new, then I am interested. So if it’s animation, or games, or some new medium in the future, I would be happy to put my art into it. I’m not sure if there’s any criticism, or if I have any frustration with the fine-art community, at least not that I’m aware of. I’m still a newcomer in the community, but as long as I’m doing something new and something different. By doing this, there’s always the possibility that there’s someone somewhere might be criticizing me about it. But I don’t care that much, in fact I would be happy to accept it because it means that I’m doing something new. The other day I went to Rome and saw Michaelangelo’s art, and there was a huge line for two hours to see his art. When I saw the whole line, I felt strongly that art has a strong power to attract people and to move the world, and I knew that I had to be responsible for my art, not just now, but ten years from now, forty years from now, I must be responsible for my art.

And, here is some of his more recent works! Amano started experimenting with traditional Japanese Sumi-e method on Japanese papers, incorporating fluid, spontaneous brush strokes with comic images. Later, those drawings are transformed into canvas and aluminum works that are highly regarded in art world.

Amazing inspirational artwork. Have a great weekend- Matt

there is an interesting exhibition currently still on (but just for a few more days) at The Pacific Asia Museum…..

Its about Asian values, and their role in Asian art. This is a theme I hope to return to more later. Confucianism is thought to be a basis for Asian values, see here for a great summary of a talk which can give you an interesting summary of asian values and the 21st century..titled …
Rethinking Confucianism: Asian Values and the Global Ethics of Human Rights and Responsibilities by Prof. On-cho Ng of the Pennsylvania State University.

The exhibition I want you to see if you can is called

Confucius: Shaping Values Through Art

Confucius: Shaping Values Through Art,  explores how Confucian values have permeated East Asian culture.

titled- the four sons of filial piety

titled- the four sons of filial piety

The Pacific Asia Museum has a collection of over 14,000 works of art including paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, jades and textiles from all over Asia and the Pacific Islands, and a research library containing more than 7,000 reference volumes relating to Asian and Pacific art and culture.  It is located at  46 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena California 91101

I can’t go (I dont live in the US!) but if anyone  reading does, please tell us how it was!!

Note, the Pacific Asia Museum also has some great podcasts, see here.

On November 14-16th is an exhibition in the cultural centre in TST, photos by Cathay Camera Club. I will tell you more about this great club another time (of which I am a member).

cathay camera club exhibition

cathay camera club exhibition