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well, my blog is regularly getting 100 hits a day now, just to tell my regular followers!

So some of you must like my images and content at least…. thats good. Please keep letting me know by email or with your comments, if you want me to blog on any certain topics etc



photo by opimentas

photo by opimentas


ive found an interesting website which gives details on some interesting art exhibitions about nature. Check out their exhibitions here.

“Living Art’s exhibitions aim to raise awareness of the beauty and wonder of our natural heritage, both in the UK and globally, while at the same time championing the benefits of the natural environment to our wellbeing and the need to protect and conserve that environment.

The exhibitions take an innovative, responsible and, above all, we hope entertaining approach.”

Also, check this, if you want to buy a topiary elephant for your garden?!!

And see this great blog about ART HELPING ANIMALS.

So, I was inspired by the ant art I discussed in a previous post (go check it out, on my site), what other living art is there?

Well, here is some art which is for sale, BY ANIMALS IN A ZOO!!!

The pictures here are just a bit of fun, not related to the links by the way…


Today I have been reading an interesting blog which I feel should be mentioned here. Im learning more about blogs, and as I search the web for interesting things, I want to keep you abreast of them.

Tyler Green edits and writes Modern Art Notes, the most-read blog about visual art. He also writes regularly for numerous magazines.

In 2005 the Wall Street Journal called MAN ‘the most infuential of all visual arts blogs’. Two years later the WSJ said, “You won’t find a better-informed art writer than Tyler Green.” In 2008 the Washington Post named Green one of the capital’s “young and influential” arts figures.

Now, I would love to be able to produce a blog like this, but its not really my aim- I am not a professional art critic- in fact I just want to blog a little to inspire more people to practice art/photography, to realise there are some cross over areas in all fields (eg my parallel interests in animals and art), and ideally promote my portrait painting business in a way where I can be educational/entertaining, without being too commercial. I hate lots of art critics although I love art, and I know lots of other people feel like this and get put off by some art critics rather false, wordy, analysis of art.

I like the MAN blog because its fairly simple to read/navigate, and is daily updated. What do you think?

However, this MAN blog is quite enlightening so have a look at it if you get a chance.

To give you a brief biography, Green attended the University of Missouri, where he majored in journalism. Green regularly lectures about art, including at George Washington University, Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, the Maryland Institute College of Art, Virginia Commonwealth University, and at Artissima, in Turin, Italy. Green was the art critic for Bloomberg News from September, 2004 until September, 2005, and the Washington-based critic for Artnet Magazine from March, 2003, through August, 2004.

So, today for example, on the MAN blog they are discussing Yukinori Yanagi’s USA & USSR artwork.

This artist is a guy who uses ants (ok somehow unintentionally¬† I have found myself back at the art/animals area, involving ants, although that wasn’t deliberate I assure you) to move around coloured bits of sand, so disturbing the original sand pattern and creating a new ‘art’ form.¬† Crazy stuff eh, if you have not heard of him before…

Here are some great art images of Obama. See my previous post ‘why not just a photo‘. What do you think? Yes Im sure these are computer graphic work and not real art (like the hand-painted stuff I prefer to promote) but they still are quite powerful images.

see here for how to convert a photo to a painting.