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yes you, look at me!

yes you, look at me!

many people ask me why do paintings or sketches of people or pets and not just a photo?

well, photos are great and Im an avid photographer (okay when i have the time) but I think there is something more unique about a painting. Also, sure we can manipulate photos a lot nowadays on photoshop, but a painting is done by hand so every one is unique- you cant beat that as a gift or as a personal memory to keep.

So, Im keen on promoting artwork!

In an ideal world, Im a traditionalist, so the person or pet should sit in front of the artist and the portrait be done over a few days or weeks. BUT, who has this time anymore? so, I think portrait paintings from photos are justified, as long as they are 100% done by hand with no printing or any cheating involved.

To be honest, using a reputable artist or company, the client also has some fun-

they can help tell the artist in what style to do the painting, they get a great painting even if their own artistic skills are not great, and they can request changes to the painting before its finished.

They can change the background or the contents of the painting- its so flexible!

Here is the original photo.

watch out or I scratch the sofa!

watch out or I scratch the sofa!

"look into my eyes..."

so waht have pets got to do with art anyway? well, if you have ever looked into a cat’s eyes I dont think you need to be asking that question, animals are often art/beauty in motion, and watching a cat move can be as fascinating as watching a painter complete a painting.

I got interested in both art and animals at a young age, and Im sure there is some kind of connection although I can’t really put my finger on it.

As a veterinary surgeon, I know that my lightness of touch in surgery (and enjoyment/skill in surgery) is related to the sensitive dexterity I need if I am painting a painting, or doing a sketch. So, transferrable skills.

But is there more to it than the fact both skills (surgery and painting) require manual dexterity? who knows….