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please helpĀ  test drive this new forum

This is a new forum, targeted mainly at the UK, but also at all English speaking countries.

The aim of the forum is to foster better communication between pets and their vets… so basically its an open forum, for pet owners to post things about their pets (especially but not exclusively about any medical worries with their pets) and also for vets to talk about anything they want to talk about (there is a private area that they can learn how to improve their skills in by talking to other doctors, but also the shared public area where they can get involved in the conversations.

The hope is that this site will free up dialogue between vets and the pet community, enabling

  • better veterinary understanding of pet owners worries
  • better pet owners understanding of pet health issues
  • better client vet communication
  • education for all
  • news and entertainment for all this community
  • pets to get a Voice!
  • animal lovers to be united together

please check out the site, sign up there, and post some comments!