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There is a great photo book series called “Hong Kong/China Photographers
The 12-book Hong Kong Photographers series presents a complete collection – art, documentary and news photography – of some of the most accomplished yet underexposed photographers in Hong Kong. Photographs are accompanied by critical analyses and a unique look into the lives behind the lens. Its come about as a study of 12 HK photographers- there being a huge number of successful photographers living on this small mountain (Hong Kong island).

The latest one is Hong Kong/China Photographers Two – anothermountainman by John Batten. John is a member of the International Association of Art Critics -Hong Kong and used to have his own Art Gallery in HK and writes a lot in the art press. Books are HKD 300.

AnotherMountain Man (see his website here) is A Hong Konger called Stanley Wong Ping-Pui in reality.

By: Asia One Product and Publishing Limited



here is a portrait of Stanley Wong (courtesty of ChaChaHavana on Flikr)

And here are some of his photos below.






My idea of a pig portrait is something like the picture below…


This is a watercolour by PAT WEAVER, of Dade City, Florida.

Its fairly similar to the kind of work Portrait Xpress Artists do as comissions of pets, from a photo.

This is art, and I like it. What comes below- really, this ain’t art.

I heard today about something very strange…. “pet art” by a Belgian Artist in China.

Belgian conceptual artist Wim Delvoye currently (Nov 08) employs workers to tattoo pigs in an “Art Farm” at the outskirts of Beijing, China. Delvoye has staff consisting of local farmers to raise the pigs.. and professionals to tattoo them with cartoons or symbols. The pigs would then be displayed at art exhibitions and their skins sold to collectors after they were slaughtered.


Very wierd, and actually I dont like it- putting a tattoo on a live animal has got to hurt, and even if they are sedated, it seems pretty cruel. From a veterinary perspective, this seems very unnecessary and quite sick. Any comments?


photo by opimentas

photo by opimentas


ive found an interesting website which gives details on some interesting art exhibitions about nature. Check out their exhibitions here.

“Living Art’s exhibitions aim to raise awareness of the beauty and wonder of our natural heritage, both in the UK and globally, while at the same time championing the benefits of the natural environment to our wellbeing and the need to protect and conserve that environment.

The exhibitions take an innovative, responsible and, above all, we hope entertaining approach.”

Also, check this, if you want to buy a topiary elephant for your garden?!!

And see this great blog about ART HELPING ANIMALS.

So, I was inspired by the ant art I discussed in a previous post (go check it out, on my site), what other living art is there?

Well, here is some art which is for sale, BY ANIMALS IN A ZOO!!!

The pictures here are just a bit of fun, not related to the links by the way…




Flames and fire are incredible, they are needed for life, they are needed for rebirth.



  What a feeling it inspires. No im not a pyromanic, but just looking into the light of a flame is a meaningful experience for most people! Live waves, it has immense power, a threat of danger, but yet an inner beauty. Fire regenerates in one way, by providing a catalyst for opening seeds, in nature.

Fire art is art involving flames. It can be people juggling with something on fire, or more aesthetic art pieces.


One real art using fire, is glassblowing. I love the ‘liveness’ of this art, how visual it is!!




See here for a link to some pieces in glass made by a Uk glassblower. Here is one piece.

peter-layton-glass-blowingIts a bit fancy for me, but maybe you like it?

Okay, and I have one REAL GEM for you.

See this Flikr set… and type GLASS into the search panel, to see some amazing glass blowing pics. This photographer also has a site at but I prefer the Flickr for the search function.

Have a great day. Fire! Friend or Foe?