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I was drawn into a discussion today about Redbull, where I suggested that it was more of a marketing concepty that actually a product…

so, that started me thinking about Red Bull related ART!

First thing to note, is that red bull is an incredibly innovative company and as part of their brand-building they actually sponsor art projects.

One fun project they are currently running is “red bull art of can”.

Here artists must make a picture or sculpture or piece of modern art, using mainly a red bull can!!! Crazy but exciting, and a fantastic opportunity for promotion by new young cutting edge artists.


See here for an image of a dragon made from a red bull can!!

Also see here for a you tube video of a drumming sequence using red bull, also done by independent artists, not red bull staff.

And here is a Flikr set of Red bull  ‘art of the can” series…

Have a great day.

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open ended

open ended

ever been lost in a maze as a kid? see Richard Serra’s new art at the Gagosian Gallery, in London- you can get lost in his art!

The American sculptor, who will be 70 next year, has been wrestling with steel since he was 17. In those days, he was working in the steel mills of California, his home state. When he began to produce work of his own, he was classified as a minimalist. Not any more. As the years have gone by, Serra’s brutishly engaging steel sculptures have grown bigger and bigger.

The three large pieces that stand at the centre of his new show at the vast Gagosian Gallery in London must have been very hard to move- a logistics art in itself. Once, a man died when a Serra fell on him.

See here for a great interview with the man.

The Sovereign Art prize winner for Europe was announced a couple of days ago, it was won by Nadia Hebson.

Hebson makes several specific types of art work, most recently: intense, romantic and darkly atmospheric seascapes and shipwrecks. She also does some portraits…. see below!!

Born in 1974 in Romsey, UK, Hebson studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and The Royal Academy of Arts, both in London. Currently the Artist in Residence at Durham Cathedral, she was also awarded a Derek Hill Foundation Scholarship earlier this year and spent three months studying at The British School at Rome. Hebson has exhibited internationally and was selected for this year’s Jerwood Contemporary Painters exhibition. She has previously been the recipient of an Arts Council Award and Duveen Woman Artist Award. For the last four years, she has lived and worked in Berlin where her love of middle European writers has developed.

Hebson commented:”I am absolutely ecstatic to be awarded the Sovereign European Art Prize, especially by such a distinguished panel of judges, whom I can’t thank enough. My painting of a shipwreck does appear quite prescient in the light of recent events! However I was genuinely surprised to hear that I had won with such a dark and romantic image. This award is, for me, the icing on the cake in a year of unprecedented experiences and I would like to thank all those who have supported me in getting this far. “

shipwreck- the winning painting

Valser- the winning painting




Th winning picture is very gloomy and melancholic, her main inspirations are mostly art historical.

See here for nadia’s website. I personally prefer her portraits, but perhaps I would given that I run a bespoke portrait painting business.!

See here for my previous post about the sovereign art prize.

Hi, if you are in London get down to Frieze Art Fair – it takes place every October in Regent’s Park, London. The fair includes specially commissioned artists’ projects, a prestigious talks programme and an artist-led education schedule.

Frieze Art Fair features more than 150 galleries from around the world, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to see and buy art by the world’s leading artists.

Tickets + 44 (0) 870 890 0514

One Day – Sat / Sun: £25
Concessions: £15

Neil Gall The Mirror 2007 Collage 22x18cm

Neil Gall The Mirror 2007 Collage 22x18cm