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To continue with showing you a little more about Matt Stollar’s art, here is some of his work. His portraits are very striking and also the other thing is the size of his works, very large! Ie often far bigger than life-size. )This can be seen on the video here and also in one of the images below.  Again he’s a friend of mine (from School in the UK), and as ever I will try in the blog to aim at PERSONAL content for readers and also INNOVATIVE items also. If you want any more details about where you can see Matt’s art, or purchase it, then message me and I will pass him your details.

Wow, I have some great paintings to tell you about this month. First I want to show you some work from an amazing UK artist, Matt Stollar. He does some awe-inspiring portraits which really are something different. I won’t tell you too much today, but here is an example to get your taste buds working!!  Contemporary paintings by a young talent. Incredible!!! I will keep more of his paintings coming!
These are something else! WOW. We love it, hope you do too!!!!
painting by matt stollar

painting by matt stollar