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Im always interested in new technology and its role in the pet world.

Will your vet next time be performing text message surgery when you take them your pet?

Médecins Sans Frontières surgeon Dr. David Nott (working in the Congo) recently performed a life-saving amputation of a young boy’s gangrenous left arm after receiving step-by-step text messaging instructions from a colleague!

The young boy was spear fishing when he had most of his left arm ripped off by a hippo.  A’ forequarter amputation’ is no small operation, even in a big hospital as it entails the surgical removal of the entire upper extremity, and 2 other bones- the scapula, and clavicle.

Dr. Nott had never performed such a surgery, but luckily, his friend in the UK had, so he sent his friend, Professor Meirion Thomas, a text message…. Thomas replied almost immediately with 10 steps Nott should follow to carry out the procedure and then signed off with “Easy! Good luck.”

Amazing world eh.