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hopefully like me, you realize obama actually is the second coming. If you are a cynic however, enjoy the cartoons below!!






Don’t forget, the artists at Portrait Xpress can also turn your portraits into a cartoon!


for those who liked my Obama in Portrait art post which showed some Obama artwork, and I was trying to encourage people to get themselves painted in a pop art style by the cool painters at portrait Xpress, here is something more for you!!


In fact, there is a whole Flikr group dedicated to “obama street art”!!

An entire blog has sprung up entitled The Obama Art Report!!

The recent months have seen a street movement in support of Obama, which the presidential candidate’s campaign itself has embraced!!  Obama for Artists (the store on the obama website) features art and merchandise donated to the campaign by artists to raise money for the movement.

Its incredible to have a presidential Candidate who has inspired such an outpouring of creativity, the effect on voters is yet to be seen I guess….

Here are some great art images of Obama. See my previous post ‘why not just a photo‘. What do you think? Yes Im sure these are computer graphic work and not real art (like the hand-painted stuff I prefer to promote) but they still are quite powerful images.

see here for how to convert a photo to a painting.