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Wow, I have some great paintings to tell you about this month. First I want to show you some work from an amazing UK artist, Matt Stollar. He does some awe-inspiring portraits which really are something different. I won’t tell you too much today, but here is an example to get your taste buds working!!  Contemporary paintings by a young talent. Incredible!!! I will keep more of his paintings coming!
These are something else! WOW. We love it, hope you do too!!!!
painting by matt stollar

painting by matt stollar


Paintings come in many forms, today I want you to have a look at this traditional oil painting. Tell me your thoughts! Do you like it? I do.

Landscape and Cattle, ca. 1823 by R.R. Reinagle, R.A. 1775 - 1862

Landscape and Cattle, ca. 1823 by R.R. Reinagle, R.A. 1775 - 1862

A great oil painting by Reinagle, which you can see in the RA in London, probably my most favourite gallery in the world!!

So, it shows some great British scenery, an idyliic rural scene.

Reinagle trained under his father Philip Reinagle RA, and also travelled extensively in Holland and Italy where he studied the masters of the Dutch and Italian Schools. On his return to London he became friendly with John Constable although the rivalry between the two landscape painters possibly contributed to a later souring of their relationship.

Reinagle showed this painting to Constable before it was presented to the Royal Academy but Constable commented that ‘It is such art as I cannot talk about -heartless – vapid – and without interest’.  What a cutting review!!

Constable’s opinion was perhaps somewhat embittered by the fact that he himself was not elected to the Academy for another six years. Reinagle’s picture is skillfully composed and, although influenced by Dutch masters such as Ruisdael, is clearly inspired by the landscapes of Gainsborough as well.

There are many styles of paintings you can do if you are doing paintings.

This is pretty obvious I guess. But, if you order a bespoke painting tailor-made to your design, you can chose the style also.

One style that artists can do is impressionistic, where its a loose interpretation of the original image or design. For example, George Bush can be painted as follows- this is just slightly impressionistic.

Alternatively, things can be painted much MORE losely, or much more of a direct style.

See for details, look at the gallery there, and at the different styles.

Note also, that the painting can look different depending on what type of canvas is used. Ask the artist for a very smooth canvas if you want a relective/shiny surface or an image very similar to a photo.

Ask for a real canvas with a rough, more open weave texture, if you want a more natural feel to the painting.

If you are using a good artist then they should guide you through this process and be very hepful in helping you chose what style to paint your painting, and on what type of canvas. Really you should be able to get a great impressionistic painting (if that’s the style you like) made from your photo. If you like other styles (eg Dali), tell your artist, they should be able to paint it for you in a different way!

Good luck!!