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I was drawn into a discussion today about Redbull, where I suggested that it was more of a marketing concepty that actually a product…

so, that started me thinking about Red Bull related ART!

First thing to note, is that red bull is an incredibly innovative company and as part of their brand-building they actually sponsor art projects.

One fun project they are currently running is “red bull art of can”.

Here artists must make a picture or sculpture or piece of modern art, using mainly a red bull can!!! Crazy but exciting, and a fantastic opportunity for promotion by new young cutting edge artists.


See here for an image of a dragon made from a red bull can!!

Also see here for a you tube video of a drumming sequence using red bull, also done by independent artists, not red bull staff.

And here is a Flikr set of Red bull  ‘art of the can” series…

Have a great day.

Please take time to have a read about PortraitXpress artists…  if you need to order a personalised painting as a gift to arrive with you by Christmas day, you need to order it in the next few days to allow time for the paint to dry and the artwork to be shipped!


The Royal Watercolur Society is the oldest watercolour society in the world, established in 1804, and is second only to the Royal Academy of Art in importance as an art society.

It exhibits twice a year at the Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH.

A great new exhibition is coming up- check this out!!:

The Poet and the Painter

13th November – 30th November 2008

“JMW Turner believed that poetry and painting flowed from the same font, and twenty Members of the Royal Watercolour Society, in collaboration with the Poetry Society, explore this common bond. Celebrated poets, including Roger McGough, Polly Clarke, Kathleen Jamies and James Kirkup are working directly with artists to create new and exciting work.”

The exhibition is being curated by David Brayne RWS.
Click here to see a link to some of their upcoming events!

Here is a painting by one of their artists, Francis Bowyer.


I love watercolour, check this old one out………..


Here are some great works of art by Terra Bajraghosa, an indonesian artist, and one of the finalists in the Soverign Art Foundation Asia art prize. The artwork entered is down the bottom. Terra exhibits in the Cemeti art house in Indonesia, see the link below for other exhibitions there.

Cemeti Art House
Jl.D.I. Panjaitan No.41
Yogyakarta 55143 Indonesia

title- god is a dj

title- god is a dj

  	   	Mengharap hujan

Mengharap hujan

Artist Terra Bajraghosa
Title Mengharap hujan
Medium acrylics on canvas
Size 29.5 x 39.4 in. / 75 x 100 cm.

Here is a painting by Terra Bajraghosa- one of the finalists for the Soverign Art Foundation Asia prize. The prize entry is below, one of the other works is above.  See my earlier post on this prize here.

the asia entry

the asia entry

Year 2006 –

well, today I thought about blogging about artists using blood (there is a crazy artist who makes self portraits out of his own blood) but its so distasteful, that you can go and read about that yourself if you like. I thought about blood …given that the stock markets are dropping 10% region today in many places in the world… so everyone is seeing red.

Anyway, on a more uplifting note, what I did decide to write about is elephant dropping art!!

I have long known about paper made from elephant droppings, in Thailand, but I had forgotten about the artist who uses elephant dung in all his artwork!

First, here are some of his paintings. By Chris Olifi.

no woman no cry

no woman no cry

holy virgin mary

holy virgin mary



For example, this last pieceAfrodizzia, is made 96x 72 inches, is on linen, and is made from paper collage, oil paint, polyester resin, glitter, map pins, and wait for it………………..elephant dung.

Best known for his paintings using elephant dung, Ofili remarked during a radio interview at the Turner Prize award ceremony (about ten years ago), that the important thing was to know whether art was “good art or bad art” and not whether it contained elephant dung. He is, nonetheless, reported to have used this ingredient in all his works so far (almost a guarantee of authenticity), the original smuggled in from Africa, with subsequent needs coming from London’s Zoo and dried in an airing cupboard. He won the Turner prize for his “inventiveness, exuberance, humour and technical richness in painting”.

Another great quote I like is, he says ‘the way I work comes out of experimentation, but it also comes out of a love of painting, a love affair with painting.’ fantastic!

He is a British Born artist of Nigerian origin, and his works are available to buy online and in a few galleries.

So, if you afford it, go buy one.

If you want to have the fun yourself, go do a painting.

And if you don’t know already… for those people who can’t paint but want a personal painting, without the elephant poo (sorry!) then check out my commercial site Portrait Xpress for bespoke art from your photos. Have a good day!

Chinese Contemporary art. Very topical in the art scene in recent years. A field in which China is exporting something new and original, not poisoned pet foods or scandelous Milk issues.

But don’t listen to me, instead hear an audio file  “The China Experience” at the bottom of this linked page by the Frieze Art Fair, where Carol Yinghua Lu (Writer, Curator and Contributing Editor, frieze magazine  brought together three key players in Chinese contemporary art to discuss the impact of the country′s political, financial and creative conditions on its artists, critics, curators and gallerists.

Be warned its over an hour long though, so sit back and enjoy!!

I like some contemporary Chinese artists. These small inserts below are by Feng Dakang, and are part of a series called The Homeland. So it shows that Chinese artists can be very original….

The “Homeland” series of paintings by Feng Dakang are melancholic and thematically poetic. As the artist is obsessed with architecture, decay and destruction, he paints buildings in a state of ruin or demolition. Yet, these twisted and damaged structures are wonderfully delicate.

feng dakang

feng dakang

Hi, if you are in London get down to Frieze Art Fair – it takes place every October in Regent’s Park, London. The fair includes specially commissioned artists’ projects, a prestigious talks programme and an artist-led education schedule.

Frieze Art Fair features more than 150 galleries from around the world, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to see and buy art by the world’s leading artists.

Tickets + 44 (0) 870 890 0514

One Day – Sat / Sun: £25
Concessions: £15

Neil Gall The Mirror 2007 Collage 22x18cm

Neil Gall The Mirror 2007 Collage 22x18cm

To continue with showing you a little more about Matt Stollar’s art, here is some of his work. His portraits are very striking and also the other thing is the size of his works, very large! Ie often far bigger than life-size. )This can be seen on the video here and also in one of the images below.  Again he’s a friend of mine (from School in the UK), and as ever I will try in the blog to aim at PERSONAL content for readers and also INNOVATIVE items also. If you want any more details about where you can see Matt’s art, or purchase it, then message me and I will pass him your details.

Wow, I have some great paintings to tell you about this month. First I want to show you some work from an amazing UK artist, Matt Stollar. He does some awe-inspiring portraits which really are something different. I won’t tell you too much today, but here is an example to get your taste buds working!!  Contemporary paintings by a young talent. Incredible!!! I will keep more of his paintings coming!
These are something else! WOW. We love it, hope you do too!!!!
painting by matt stollar

painting by matt stollar

    In february 08 I was representing (the bespoke art company I run in my spare time) at The National Wedding Show in Olympia, London, UK, for 3 days.
    The national wedding show (see is the UK’s number one wedding show, for couples planning to get hitched. From over the moon to the honeymoon, from your dream dress to the world’s most romantic resorts – there’s nothing quite like the National Wedding Show to help you make your big day everything you’ve imagined. It’s all laid out for you under one roof – dresses, groomswear, occasionwear, accessories, photography, flowers, honeymoon destinations, venues, cakes and much, much more. It’s a brilliantly useful, inspirational and fun day out. So, Portrait Xpress exhibited for the first time there this year in February 08. They had a stand where they displayed a number of examples of their hand-painted wedding portrait paintings. A real buzz was generated at the stand, and dozens of couples were standing around, imagining what a portrait painting might look like of their wedding day. A number of people asked about our Portrait Xpress gift vouchers, which can be used … and could even be put on the wedding Bridal List of ‘wished for’ items for the bride and groom. A competition was also run on the stand which was very popular, and one lucky couple won a free painting. There was also interest from some of the Uk Wedding press.