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okay, perhaps this is not the most serious post I have made. But it is Sunday.

See which calls itself   “The world’s largest educationally oriented website dedicated to soap bubble creativity, play, brewing and performance! “

Actually, the site is a bit tricky to navigate, the only page only really worth looking at is this one which shows lots (about 500) pictures of paintings where bubbles are a feature of them! as thats what I think is quite interesting….

Now, I really do still enjoy blowing bubbles, and all kids love this. Have you noticed the beauty in a bubble? either in running water, or artificial soap bubbles? check some images below.



There is a great photo book series called “Hong Kong/China Photographers
The 12-book Hong Kong Photographers series presents a complete collection – art, documentary and news photography – of some of the most accomplished yet underexposed photographers in Hong Kong. Photographs are accompanied by critical analyses and a unique look into the lives behind the lens. Its come about as a study of 12 HK photographers- there being a huge number of successful photographers living on this small mountain (Hong Kong island).

The latest one is Hong Kong/China Photographers Two – anothermountainman by John Batten. John is a member of the International Association of Art Critics -Hong Kong and used to have his own Art Gallery in HK and writes a lot in the art press. Books are HKD 300.

AnotherMountain Man (see his website here) is A Hong Konger called Stanley Wong Ping-Pui in reality.

By: Asia One Product and Publishing Limited



here is a portrait of Stanley Wong (courtesty of ChaChaHavana on Flikr)

And here are some of his photos below.






photo by opimentas

photo by opimentas


ive found an interesting website which gives details on some interesting art exhibitions about nature. Check out their exhibitions here.

“Living Art’s exhibitions aim to raise awareness of the beauty and wonder of our natural heritage, both in the UK and globally, while at the same time championing the benefits of the natural environment to our wellbeing and the need to protect and conserve that environment.

The exhibitions take an innovative, responsible and, above all, we hope entertaining approach.”

Also, check this, if you want to buy a topiary elephant for your garden?!!

And see this great blog about ART HELPING ANIMALS.

So, I was inspired by the ant art I discussed in a previous post (go check it out, on my site), what other living art is there?

Well, here is some art which is for sale, BY ANIMALS IN A ZOO!!!

The pictures here are just a bit of fun, not related to the links by the way…


by amy solovay

pinkfire: by amy solovay

The more I look, the more art I find out there inspired by FIRE. I guess this is not suprising given that fire is one of the basic components of nature and this planet.

But I have yet to find a painting which captures what a photo like the one below does. I guess this is because art is usually used to simplify and distill things into simple emotive images… so flames don’t really require simplification as they are already so weak yet so fragile, so simple….Im still looking for a powerful fire painting though!!


Okay.. Ive got it now.. the better Fire Paintings are historical really, rather than simply an ‘artistic interpretation of fire”. Such as paintings of the GREAT FIRE OF LONDON.

See here for the History of this and a famous picture by an unknown artist.

If you live in Hong Kong (okay, lots of readers don’t, but hey some of you do!) the have you heard about Digital Light Craft?

This venture is a workshop for budding photographers, ran by some of the most experienced and best photographers living in HK.

A fun one is the Flash/Glamour Workshop.

This will appeal to those of you who are more comfortable with your cameras and want to learn some more specialized skills involved in shooting with flash and other light sources in a studio setting.

Ike will go over the various light sources available and discuss the reasons for choosing one over the others and how to use it to its best advantage.  He will also discuss lenses and related camera equipment as well as filters and gels.  Directing models and how  to get the poses and expressions that best suit the project.

This will be followed by a practise portrait session using different lighting sources, during which Ike will be helping fine tune your approach and technique.

Before wrapping up for the day, Ike will answer questions about the shoot and the upcoming model shoot.

Sunday morning will involve photographing models under different lighting conditions.  The models will have 3 outfits each.

So…. interested?

If so, go along!!

Its run by Keith, he says

“I have decided to put together a workshop based on the lessons I have learned about digital photography over the last 6 years or so.  Combined with the relevant lessons learned while shooting with Film SLRs before that I hope to share some of the joy that Digital Photography has brought me with others looking to capture a slice of their lives in Hong Kong. Let the digital light shine!!”