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The Royal Academy of Arts (one of my favourite Galleries, in London) was founded by George III in 1768. Governed by artists to ‘promote the arts of design’ the Royal Academy was the first institution in Great Britain devoted solely to the promotion of the visual arts and to raising the standing of art, artists and architecture.

Yes, its actually goverened BY ARTISTS! The eighty governing artists – Royal Acadamicians– are all practising painters, sculptors, engravers, printmakers, draughtsmen and architects. On reaching the age of 75 they become Senior Academicians and so form vacancies for Membership. Elections are held annually and new Members are nominated and voted in by existing RAs. All Members are required to bestow an example of work to the Royal Academy before receiving their Diploma signed by the Sovereign, and these works form part of the RA’s Permanent Collection. Interesting huh!

For example, David Hockney (the artist who painted below) is one of these people.

David Hockney RA, Wheat Field near Fridaythorpe, August 2005

David Hockney RA, Wheat Field near Fridaythorpe, August 2005

Anyway, some great stuff on there currently- including a contemporary art exhibition.  Its called

GSK Contemporary and its on 31 Oct 2008 — 19 Jan 2009

In 6 Burlington Gardens, but also run by the RA. Many new artists there, one cool artist exhibiting is

Antony Micallef and here is one of his pieces below…. enjoy!

by........Antony Micallef

by........Antony Micallef


News- The finalists of the 2008 Sovereign Asian Art Prize will be auctioned at a charity dinner on Wednesday the 29th October at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hong Kong.

!!newly updated!! Click here to see my other posts on some of the 2008 entrants, artist Suroso IsorTerra Bajraghosa, Robert Langenegger.

Now, Here are some works by previous winner, UTTAPORN NIMMALAIKAEW.

Its not cheap at HK$25,000 for a table of ten or HK$2,500 for single tickets, but will be an incredible evening for those who can go!

If you are cant’t afford this, or don’t have the time to attend the 29th October but still wish to place a bid on one of the 30 artworks, its still possible to place a bid on the 30 artworks.

You are able to view all the 30 artworks who are finalists for the Sovereign Asian Art prize, here.

To see the exhibition in person, you can preview them at the Landmark on 21st- 26th October, but you can only see them if you could be interested in placing a bid! For a personal preview of the paintings please contact the organisers on +852 2542 1177.

Okay, so I cant afford to buy anything! But I still enjoyed looking at the upcoming art!!

Regarding the previous winner- Nimmalaikaew’s works start from a canvas backdrop that is set inside a deep casement, and that is then lightly veiled by multiple layers of thread and netting. The artist paints (as well as prints with an Ink Jet) not only on the canvas but also on the thread and netting in order to create shimmering portraits and figurative scenes. He actually creates a depth of field that goes beyond three-dimensional space.  At a thematic level, his present work expresses a deep reverence and love for family.

Nimmalaikaew spoke of his work in an interview with Jonathan Thomson of Asian Art News shortly after being presented with the Sovereign Asia Art Prize at a Hong Kong ceremony:

It took me quite a long time to develop my concept. The layers help represent the complexity of life and relationships and all of the stages of life. The actual technique started with a mosquito net and things seen through the netting. I intentionally draw the threads through the netting and leave them drooping to suggest a life flowing, of aging, and physical degeneration. It is part of my concept that people have to look through my work, not just at it. People have to see my work and experience it…. It is impossible to replicate my work in a photograph.from “Inevitable Cycles,” (July/Aug 2006) 16 Asian Art News [Interview of Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew by Jonathan Thomson]