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People ask veterinarians this very commonly-

why should I spay my pet?

With every operation, there are a combination of advantages and disadvantages to be carefully weighed up. The decision made must be an informed one.

For some operations, such as this one you mention, neutering a female dog, the advantages heavily hugely outweigh the disadvantages, but the choice to do an operation of course must still be a carefully considered one.

The advantages line up approximately as follows:

Rereduce risk of unwanted pregnancies.

Reduce or eliminate the risk of breast cancers in female dogs. Breast cancers are common in elderly female dogs who have not had this operation, and they can be life-threatening.

Eliminate the risk of testicular cancer in male dogs, which again can be life-threatening.

Reduce the risk of prostate disease (including prostate gland cancer) in male dogs

Reduce the aggressive behavior of male dogs.

Stop female dogs getting “false pregnancies” (=”pseudopregnancies”) where they believe they are pregnant but in fact they are not- although their breasts do swell up with milk.

Stop any chance of female dogs getting womb infections (a “pyometra”). This is a life-threatening disease which is common in older female dogs which have not had the neutering operation.

Stop animals running away (females when they are in heat, to find a mate, and males when they smell a female dog who is in heat/season).

There are also some negatives.

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