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Christmas is coming…. time to think about presents for your pets!!

Nota good time to buy a pet however, remember “a pet is for life, not just for Christmas”. I saw one person with a new 1 month old puppy last week, and really some people have no idea about the commitment involved to have a pet.




However, for all the great pet owners out there, its time to start planning a Christmas present for your pets!!!

One Uk survey a couple of years back indicated that nearly three quarters of pet owners (70%) will buy their pet a Christmas present.

So, what to buy??

One suggestion I have, if you have not heard about this already or already have one, is a hand-painted picture of your pet or your friend’s pet. See here for some pictures, and here for more details!!!


okay, Im sure its food. Preferably stinky unhealthy food which will then make them vomit and diarrhoea all over your house.

If however, you want a present which may last a little longer than this and you can have as a life-long memory, why not have a personalised piece of pet art?

What’s this, i hear you asking ? (or not, if you are a regular reader to this fairly new blog).

Okay pet-art can take many forms.

One form is dog footprint stepping stones. This is basically stepping stones for your garden, in the shape of dog paw prints.

I personally prefer something I think is a bit more UBER-personal, a personalised pet painting!!!

Basically here you take a quick cute snap of your pet with your digital camera/ mobile phone/ other amazing gizmo…. then you upload the photo onto the website.

Then, artists will HAND PAINT this into a great portrait of your pet.

Oh, and for something quite irrelevant, check out these great pet (and people) footprints in the sand.

Why not take some photos like this of your dog’s footprints, and then send the photo (well, send, or actually you can upload it also on-line) to Portrait Xpress and then their artists can PAINT this into a amazing painting, in vivid detail.

Because its a painting and not just a photo, it doesn’t matter if the original photo was small or blurred, a good painting can still be made.

Also, the painting can be made into a ‘Christmassy’ style.

So if you want to add mistletoe, reindeer, snow, carol-singers, its all possible!

Have a great day everyone.