Flames and fire are incredible, they are needed for life, they are needed for rebirth.



  What a feeling it inspires. No im not a pyromanic, but just looking into the light of a flame is a meaningful experience for most people! Live waves, it has immense power, a threat of danger, but yet an inner beauty. Fire regenerates in one way, by providing a catalyst for opening seeds, in nature.

Fire art is art involving flames. It can be people juggling with something on fire, or more aesthetic art pieces.


One real art using fire, is glassblowing. I love the ‘liveness’ of this art, how visual it is!!




See here for a link to some pieces in glass made by a Uk glassblower. Here is one piece.

peter-layton-glass-blowingIts a bit fancy for me, but maybe you like it?

Okay, and I have one REAL GEM for you.

See this Flikr set… and type GLASS into the search panel, to see some amazing glass blowing pics. This photographer also has a site at http://www.allyeska.com/ but I prefer the Flickr for the search function.

Have a great day. Fire! Friend or Foe?